Monday, 2 November 2009

Projects are like buses.

It had to happen I suppose. The boat shell I have been after for the best part of a year is now mine. So now I have 2 projects on the go. Looks like another blog to write as well.

The ambulance is going to the body shop on Wednesday to have the caravan back put on. This should give me time to get the space prepared for the boats arrival.


  1. OK Kev, where are you going to put this 60 x 12 jelly mould?? As my dad fitted out a 32 foot boat in his front garden several decades ago when finish you need a bloody great big crane & low loader to get it to the wet stuff, and they can be expensive plus there's not a lot of space in you road for a crane or a low loader, let alone BOTH!!!! from Matt

  2. Hello

    You know me, I like a challenge. I have started an new blog about the boat. Have a look on my blog roll and I will also send you the link.