Thursday, 17 December 2009

Flexi Shower Base Solved

The plastic shower tray was very flexible. I am told that some people put then straight in like that and don't have a problem with it, however the amount of flexing bothered me, and besides how many domestic showere flex when you stand in them?

My first idea was to make a cement slurry, and this did look promissing until I turned the tray the right way up (once set) and it fell out and smashed. Plan 2 was to use expanding foam but instead of letting it puff up I put clingfilm over it then a flat sheet with a large weight on it to force the foam to set more solid.  That stuck, but it was still too spongy.  Getting it out for the 3rd attempt was very difficult.

The third attempt was to cut out 14 disks of the right thickness, hardboard was spot on.  Stick these in the inverted dimples followed by a final infill of MDF.  Problem solved.

The base is now nice and firm.

Friday, 11 December 2009

I Can See The Light (s)

The correct lights turned up and are now fitted.  Many thanks to Weekend Leisure for taking the time to put things right, unlike the first company.

That looks better

All I need to get now is some additional mid line marker lights.  These shapes were originally where the handles for the caravan were when this was a caravan back.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Dry Fitting The Fridge

The fridge I got of ebay arrived yesterday. A saving nearly £400 on the equivalent Dometic model. (Dometic took over Electrolux) I am so pleased with it, its almost as new!  It even came with a new and un-fitted flue system.  So far I have only been able to test it on 240v but it works   a treat.

To make a cabinet for it to fit in I have used what would normally be decorative end panels from B&Q's IT kitchen range.

The cut out is for the bottom hinge.
A plinth will be added later

Dry fitted into its designated place.

It will be set back a bit further on the final fit.  Hopefully you will notice its a big fridge so more room for beer.  Hmmmm! beer ;-)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Dry Fitting The Kitchen Area

At the weekend I clad the walls and parts of the ceiling in the bed area with MDF.  I have made the bed area 4'6'' where our tops will be, and 4' at the feet.  I would like to have had 4'6" all over but the shower area needed 6" of space that I could not get from anywhere else.

Today I built the kitchen units.  The units are from the B&Q IT range.  The tall unit needed to be cut down to fit in the motorhome headroom.  Doing this was straight forward of course but once it had been chopped the factory holes at the top for construction fittings were gone, also I am modifying its use to fit 2 standard base unit doors, not the tall line doors it was designed for.  I used the top off cuts as a drill template to make new fitting holes where I needed them.  This was method was also adopted with the short decorative end panel as this for some reason has no holes what so ever.

So here is the kitchen dry fitted.

From outside

From passenger seat

Sunday, 6 December 2009

How Difficult Can It Be??

Generally I am not the moaning sort.

However this week I am amazed that despite ordering new light clusters for the motorhome that were clearly shown as the version for motorhomes both companies sent the version for caravans.

The difference is in the reflector.  Caravans have a triangle because its a trailer.  The motorhome version has a square reflector to comply with the law.

The difference is obvious

The first company just said tuff! send it back.  The second were very apologetic and say I will have the right ones early this week.  I hope so as I need to go to an LPG fitters to see about an external tank that can be filled at a petrol station.

Then another company failed to collect an ebay purchase despite texting the collection person with a time etc.  So far they have not bothered to reply to my email about the cock up.

I should be dry fitting the kitchen area this week, and I have just won a large 3 way fridge on ebay which should arrive this week.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


I have been busy with steps.

The first step was to remove the old rear step that was for the back doors.  This is where I want to put the water tanks. The recess the step provides is ideal to enable me to put the tanks under where the fixed bed will be.

The old GRP step fascia was removed to reveal the nice strong steel supports underneath.  The floor then needed to be cut away to the size of the tank.

GRP removed and floor cut out

The whole then needed to be filled to make up the new lower floor and seal up the rest of the whole.

18mm shuttering ply glued and screwed

All fitted with screws through the steel supports
and through the floor.

160l water capacity.

The tanks I am using were industrial food containers each 80l.  I will be plumbing these up in due course.  These 2 water tanks cost me £22 delivered!

The next step was to create a step.

I think when the ambulance was commissioned there was never any intention of using the side door as it was obstructed by a rack, also there was no step.  I needed to put a step in here for 3 reasons.  1 is headroom through the door. 2 my knees aren't getting any younger. 3 now only need a single step up so less to carry.

Carefully considered and marked out.
(Measure twice, cut once!)

All cut out

Nice new step