Saturday, 24 April 2010

Gas System Installed

The gas system on my MH is supplied by an external tank that I fitted in the previous post.  I want to do it this way for the following reasons.  I didn't want to have bottles that needed changing as this takes up valuable room, if using it abroad the bottles are a bit different and the regs definitely are, filling from a petrol station is considerably cheaper.
I looked at different systems but in the end after discussing my needs with a LPG conversion supplier I decided that a tank and take of for an LPG conversion would do the job with a bit of modification.

On a LPG conversion the LPG is delivered as a liquid to the engine where it is dealt with to burn in the cylinders.  In a normal Calor bottle in a domestic situation the LPG is taken off the top of the tank as a vapor.

The take off in the car system has a tube which goes into the bottom of the tank to get liquid.  The modification was simply to cut this tube seal it of and drill a small hole at the top of the tube so the vapor is taken off not liquid.  I was also advised to bend the float stem down a bit so the cut of for the fill is less than 80%.

Next came the plumbing.  At the moment it is all inside the MH which is great for access but of course if the was a leak this has the potential to get in to the MH, although it is heavier than air and their is plenty of ventilation for it to drop out.  At this point there is about 6 bar (90psi) I am told.

You can see some bubbles from the only small leak I had
on the whole gas system.  This was because I had been
mindful of not over tightening the fitting. 
A quick nip up sorted that out

I will make a removable cover to make all this external, separating it from the living space.  At the top of the picture you can see the back of the filler.

The outside and behind the two screws is an external regulator.
That delivers the gas at 30mb to the appliances

The last appliance to be fitted was the Carver heater.

With the small fan I fitted behind this is really kicking out some serious heat.

Please note.  This is not intended to be a tutorial to on how to do what I have done.  I do not encourage you to mess with gas!