Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Window Fitting

The windows I ordered arrived yesterday so today I started fitting them.

I started with the roof light in the shower room. 

Because of the room size and various bit of steel structure in the body this was the biggest unit I could use.  It does let in more than enough light though.  The roof is too thick, as you can see in the photos below, to take the unit as its designed to fit a maximum thickness of 85mm so I will have to make an adaption.  More on that later.

So on to fitting the kitchen window.  As usual now when ever I cut a hole in the body I seem to find a whacking great lump of stainless steel in the way.  So with the hole cut and the stainless removed I was relatively straight forward to fit the window.    

I then cut the hole for the O/S bedroom window. Again SS in the way.  On offering up the window its become apparent the inside and outside skins are not as parallel as the kitchen window was and this is going to make fitting this window more difficult.  The kitchen window was the same but the taper difference is less and there was more give to enable me to pull it all parallel.  To better understand, at the bottom of the windows the inner and outer skins get wider apart.

I have posted on the SBMCC forum to see if anyone has a good and neat solution for this.