Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Ambulance has gone.

The motorhome is back from the bodyshop for now.  Jerry has transformed an ambulance to a motorhome. Henceforth it will no longed be called an ambulance :-)

Before with light bar removed

I need to get some new rear lights as the back was from an
accident damaged caravan

This back could almost have been made to fit the ambulance body.  Look at the detail line on the lower back where it lines up with the line on the original body.  Having said that an enormous amount of sculpting has been done with GRP and filler to make it look and fit like this.


Lights and sign all sculpted it to one continuous piece.
Now our very own C class motorhome :-)

In reality there's still a lot of work to be done before its a real motorhome, but the outside no longer looks like an ambulance.  The keen eyed of you will see the white is a different colour.  This is a protective coat until it has its final paint job.  There's no point at this stage in doing the paint as there a quite a few holes to be cut in the body for various windows and access doors.