Friday, 9 July 2010

How Many Odds & Ends Are There To Do?

I have steadily been working my way through a list of odds that need finishing and seemingly it grows as at the same rate.

At the beginning of the week I used the old rear door handles and recycled them in to some roof bars.

 Looks a bit different now


Not really a lot of practical use but adds a bit of styling.

I have also wired up the inverter, changed the GU4 20w Halogens for LED equivalent rated at 1w so a big power saving there.  This made a huge difference to 12v power usage on our narrowboat. 

I got the A/C system recharged this week.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!  its like a coldroom after about 20 minutes using the front and rear units.  £35 well spent.

With the help of a forum member I was able to get a door handle for the inside of the sliding door.  For some reason mine was never fitted with one, but also my side door was unusable as there were equipment racks in the way. I was also able to finish the upholstering the side door.
I have fitted the CO alarm, the smoke alarm, fire blanket, and fire extinguisher, re-trimmed the carpet edging around the step as I wasn't happy with the  way the carpet fitter did it.  

I have also been forced to put some fridge vents in.  I was really hoping not to have to do this as I think the vents are ugly, but hey ho, I want cold beer more!  It has improved the fridge cooling considerably.  Of course just as every time I have cut a hole through the body there was another lump of hard SS plate to remove.
I had a play with putting a sub speaker in but that didn't work out.  I am going to have to find out more about this.  I have finished fitting the 240v power supply for the TV and satellite receiver.  I am determined NOT to have a TV, but I have put the necessary in just in case as I was doing the rest of the wiring.

I have put in a dedicated power supply back to the battery for the cigar multi socket and rewired the radio to run without the ignition key in, again a dedicated supply back to the battery.  These were left over form the ambulance wiring so made sense to use then.