Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Our First Trip Out

We set out Thursday late morning for a 4 day Latitude Festival 2010

This was the whole purpose of the MH project to start with, having had loads of friends that went last year.

I am please to say that first SWIMBO was very pleased with everything, so we were already on to a winner. Everything worked perfectly. Initially the fridge wouldn't light but after about 1/2 hour it went 1st time. The same thing happened when we got home, so I wonder if this is some sort of safety feature? 

In fact the fridge was the source of most concern, not least because it needs to chill the beer! The 12v fridge switch which got damaged is illuminated, however I was loathed to pay about £20 for an illuminated 12v switch when an unilluminated one is only £1.59 So the first night who left the fridge on 12v (no warning light) as well as the now lighted gas? Who had no leisure battery in the morning? Anyway once management of the fridge was sorted it worked very well. Again if you read some recent posts you will see I was not happy that the fridge was working properly. It is. I think where I park at home there's not enough air flow as its near a thick hedge.

After the depleted battery situation 1/2 hour of running the engine restored their strength so a shower was possible. This exceeded expectations. The ceramic bowled toilet is so much better than the plastic one we have on the narrowboat. Worth the bit extra without a doubt. The bed was brilliant too. Never had memory foam mattress before but have to say is very nice indeed.

On the trip of about 65 miles each way Ambience travels nicely at 60-65 but will reach an uncomfortable 80, possibly more but seemed no point in testing that further.

I wasn't sure how it would handle with full water tanks as they are at the very back and hold about 150 liters. On the way out they were filled, on the way back pretty much empty only once having to top up once with 40L and giving the tent dwellers next door about 20L of hot water for their not so good solar shower. I can't say there was any noticeable difference in handling or performance.

The first night was very gusty so in the middle of the night and I guess in my sleep was able to stow the Caravanstore awning. I remember getting up to do it, but not actually doing it. Not sure how that's possible?

It was mentioned by a fellow ambulance owner that it was very quiet to travel with the cab windows open. He's not wrong. In fact it is quiet pleasant, not a lot of wind noise at all, and a nice breeze even with both windows fully down.

So all in all a very successful maiden trip. The only modification on the list is an external gas point for a BBQ as the disposable jobbie I bought was crap.
As well as the usual crop of factory built MH's there were a few interesting others.

This one rather took my fancy.
 Not sure what make it was but it was RHD and sounded fantastic

And finally this.

Movie Trailer (You Tube)