Friday, 18 June 2010

Nearly There

Had a busy few days doing odds and sods.

I am really pleased with the finish around the sliding door gear and central locking connector.

The rear A/C control is now mounted here

I have mounted the rear speakers and 2 of the 4 rear A/C vents in the over cab doors. The other lower 2 are in the side panels.

The speakers are the larger black bits

I haven't been able to do a final fix on the parts I upholstered as I have been waiting for the new vents for the rear A/C.  I got these in the end from Propex.  Once I removed their modification they were exactly the same as were originally fitted. Again I am please with how these have come out.

I have hung all the doors now and adjusted them up.  Here are some pictures of the interior.

I now have things like door stays, magnetic catches, tittivating the cab, and sorting out the TV equipment etc. to do, installing the inverter installing the ceiling trim in over the bed and a bit of wiring to tidy up.  In fact the list goes on but its all minor finishing touches now.

The memory foam mattress came yesterday.  I think it has finally finished expanding.  They come vacuum packed you see, so are about 1/3 the size when delivered.  Once  I'm sure its finished expanding I will cut it to shape.

I think the plan is to take the MH out Sunday to the country park where we walk the dogs.