Thursday, 11 February 2010

Toilet door fitting

Today was a shower room day. Over the last couple of weeks I had done quite a bit of prep work for the room in small bits between other jobs.  Preparing the shower tray, and the wall that will take the shower mixer plumbing, waste holes and ceiling namely.

The shower tray and reinforced base I made was first to be fixed down,  As the room spans the wheel arch I had to make up a false floor.  Fortunately the arch is only about 65mm hight so still leaves enough room for me 5'7'' to stand for a shower. Just!

Next it was time to mark up the door for the toilet cassette.  I got the instructions out, scanned them for hints.  That IMO was a waste of time.  I got nothing of use from them, so I set it all up on a floor and it was then obvious what was needed.  I set about marking up the wall.

 The centre holes were continued out to the outer skin

Next with a hole saw I cut the corners out

With the outer skin & insulation removed
You can imagine I was delighted to find a stainless steel plate right in the way.  The SS they use in these ambulance bodies is one of the hardest types.  Removing this was quite a job as access to angle grinders was limited.  Once that was removed all I needed to do was cut the internal wall away.

Job done!