Thursday, 29 October 2009

Result :-)

I have just gone on line to tax the ambulance as I need to move it next month for the work to the rear to be done. I put in the details at DVLA and RESULT £0.00 for 12 months.  I can only assume this is because it is still listed as an ambulance.  I suppose when it gets reclassified it will change. 

On a different note.  If you read back you will see I have been waiting for a boat project.  I got a call from the receivers disposing of the boat and I have to put in a sealed bid for opening on 1st November.  I have never done this before.  It's like a blind auction. 

This is the shell.

60' x 12' 

Lets hope I win the bid.  I would expect this to be an 18 month - 2 year project.

Edit to say I won the bid see the link.

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