Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Dry Fitting The Kitchen Area

At the weekend I clad the walls and parts of the ceiling in the bed area with MDF.  I have made the bed area 4'6'' where our tops will be, and 4' at the feet.  I would like to have had 4'6" all over but the shower area needed 6" of space that I could not get from anywhere else.

Today I built the kitchen units.  The units are from the B&Q IT range.  The tall unit needed to be cut down to fit in the motorhome headroom.  Doing this was straight forward of course but once it had been chopped the factory holes at the top for construction fittings were gone, also I am modifying its use to fit 2 standard base unit doors, not the tall line doors it was designed for.  I used the top off cuts as a drill template to make new fitting holes where I needed them.  This was method was also adopted with the short decorative end panel as this for some reason has no holes what so ever.

So here is the kitchen dry fitted.

From outside

From passenger seat