Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Kitchen And Bedroom Ceiling

I have been working on the kitchen and bedroom ceiling the last couple of days.

In the kitchen I have fitted the worktop and Smev combi sink / cooker.  You would think they would supply you with a template for the outrageous price of this item, but NO.  It's not difficult I know but............  Oh well.  Anyway its fitted now.  Not finally but dry for now.  
I have also dry fitted the Morco hot water heater but for now its not on the wall. The hole for the flue is also cut and since then its done nothing but rain requiring a temporary blocking.  It can be seen in the bottom of the cupboard for now.

The wall covering is being fitted on Thursday.  I am using a very thin floor vinyl but won't be fitting that myself.  I have a very good carpet fitter friend that going to do this for me.  So in preparation I have fitted the bedroom roof.  

This is quite difficult to photograph as I only have a 28mm lens.  Hopefully you will get the idea. This is the product  Linky  I am very pleased with it, and it looks great.  It has been glued in with Sicaflex 211.  As I hadn't used this product before I did a test with this and silicone adhesive.  I DA'd the surface with 40 grit and did a sample of each overnight.  Sicaflex won.