Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I finished the ambulance to motorhome conversion today.  The last job was to give it its name.

So  please welcome........... ambiance.

The colours have not reproduced well.  Its the same metallic
red with white shadow on silver

Again poor colours.  Metallic red with silver shadow on white

Tomorrow we are off to the Latitude Festival.  This was the initial reason to have a MH and so the conversion project.

There are still a few tiny finishing off jobs to do, and one major, which is to make and fit a towbar.  I would have done this already had the welder not been in the boat project and needing a mini digger to lift it out. Far to much bother as it is still needed in the boat.

Work on the boat is now "full on" so please follow my blog on that if you have time.