Friday, 18 September 2009

I feel a bit Snippy

Friday afternoon and I had a few hours before setting off for the boat for the weekend.

I decided that it would be removal of ambulance electrics as the task of the day. I thought the dash was a good place to start.

Its not for the faint hearted. I have had many years of dealing with vehicle electrics in my former business. As well as the trailers we also fitted towbars and other accessories like cruise controls, reverse sensors and the like so dealing with this lot really didn't bother me. I just kept reminding myself to check and recheck before snipping anything.

The first stuff I removed was the communication's wiring. That was all pretty straight forward, followed by a massive loom that must have fed a box of switches that was screwed to the dash.

I followed this to a multi-plug behind the instrument panel and was able to disconnect this and remove the loom. That pretty much took care of the dash. A bit of tidying up and putting back was all that was needed to finish the job.

I had reason to lift the carpet in the cab to trace wires for the next phase. It was wringing wet underneath, presumably (hopefully) from the jet wash I suspect the cab had. So I have removed that to let it dry out completely.