Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dry Wet Test

I connected the water inlet up today and did a test.  I am pleased to say no leaks and the air transfer as the tanks filled worked fine.

You can see the water level, but it would be handy to a small red ball floating in the tube.  I am open to suggestions on this as I can't think of anything that fits the bill.  It needs to be about the size of a pea or slightly bigger.  The tube ID is 16mm so I would say 10-12 mm would be ideal.

I also made the flue connection for the fridge, wired up and tested it on 12v.  It works, so I know its good on 240v and 12v, just the gas to go.  Fingers crossed.

I have also done a few other small jobs.  I had to buy 2 x extensions to get the Turbo vent to open and shut, Link this meant I could put the fly screen on and this finished the installation, I put the lock barrel in the toilet door, cut the worktop for the cupboard on the N/S of the MH, put the backs in the 2 base cupboards. Its now making it feel like things are moving on.