Sunday, 18 April 2010

All Systems GO

Well today was the day!  I finally made a cup of tea using the on board systems.  Well to be precise it was my wife.

First though I had to put the work surface down with the sink glued in and connect the gas, water and waste.  That didn't take long then it was test time.  I powered up the pump and heard bubbles, I had put the pump in the wrong way round! Oh well that was soon remedied.

With the pump in the right way round I opened the sink taps.

Water :-)

I didn't have a kettle so a saucepan it had to be

The gas ring boiled it pretty quick

Our first cup of tea made aboard :-)

Everything else worked as well 

I could had had a shower

 I could have had a ????

I had problems getting the fridge to light, it turned out to be a broken wire on the auto igniter.

The water heater worked a treat