Saturday, 24 October 2009

Swivel on this. (These)

The swivel seats from the Renault Espace are now fitted.  The Espace seats only turn one way so it has been necessary to swap the driver seat and passenger seats over to get the required rotation.  The more eagle eyed of you will spot the seat belt mountings are on the wrong side.  I will fix this when I adapt them to receive the seat belt clip from the VW.  The Espace seats have mountings for either side so this will be easy.


It is now taking on a motorhome feel at last.

Having found my 110v transformer I thought its time to see if the ambulance battery charging system worked.  Pleased to report it does.  The unit can be seen under the passenger seat. I am going to keep this as it is a 40amp smart charger, I just need to find a small 240v - 110v transformer to tuck in somewhere. I did speak to the tech. support at the manufacturers to see if it had an option inside to switch it to 240v.  Sadly not.  But I was told this charger is about £450 +vat and for the price of a transformer it was worth keeping.  I agree.  The charger is charging both the start and domestic batteries.

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