Thursday, 17 September 2009

Where It All Began

In August 2009 we went France again for our summer holiday, to the beautiful Lot region. While there we notice this year the amount of motorhomes around and we mused the idea that it might be nice to have one.

When we got back and caught up with friends we had missed during the summer while every on was off doing their thing. Several of them went to a music festival, one of them in his motorhome. There it is again "motorhome". Things seem to creep up on you sometimes in life. We also have a narrowboat and many other owners also have a "motorhome".
So I started looking around, Auto Trader, E&M, Ebay, dealer site even sites abroad and became very quickly aware that anything in my price bracket was going to be very old and end of life. We once had a caravan, but didn't want to go back to one of them again. I had to think of options. During a Google session I found a web site and forum. The Self Build Motor Caravanners Club. This struck a chord as my previous business was the manufacture of trailers. I did this for 20 years before selling it and going into semi retirement. Much of what we built entailed custom fit outs.

Afetr a week or so I decided a retired Ambulance would fit the bill, especially when I saw this conversion by a self builder.



So the hunt began.

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