Thursday, 26 November 2009


So its finally come time to do some "construction".

First thing to sort out was the wiring.  Jerry at the body shop did a temporary job just to be legal to get me home.  A bit tiding up and feeding each side with its correct wire saw that job off.  Jerry also gave me some marker lights for the top of the caravan back.  I needed to cut the holes to fit them and run the wires.  I have also ordered new rear lights of the motorhome version,  The difference with them and the caravan version is the motorhome ones have square reflectors not triangles as in the caravan version.  I have also put the towbar wiring in.  Photo to come.

The next job was to to seal off the underneath of the new back .  This went surprisingly easily with the aid of a cardboard template.  In true home converter style I used the GRP faced ply that formed the bulkheads I removed back in week one.  Top tip, never throw anything away!

Finally I have made a start on putting something back in instead of ripping out.

As the back has been modified I needed to put a new rear wall in the motorhome.

Stiffening timbers in place


Job done