Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lochs & Quays

Well locks & keys actually, but as I have a narrowboat I couldn't resist.

I have now sorted out the central locking to the side door after a bit of over culling the wiring.  When I got the ambulance it had no key for the side door lock.  A quick call to the VERY helpful spares dept. at UVG quoting my body number I was furnished with a key number.  The side door lock is from a transit as I suspect is the the sliding gear.

I took the key number to a local key cutting shop and in a few minutes I had a key.  The chap in the shop said he could cut a Ford tibbe key just by looking at it.  Hers how:-

Look at a tibbe key from right to left, with the key flat and the plastic on the right, the widest part of the key is the code we're looking at. Imagine this piece to be divided into six segments, looking at the key flat, each of these segments has a degree of slope cut into it, no slope is no.1, slight slope is no.2, medium slope is no.3, max slope is no.4.  If you look carefully enough you'll get your key number.