Monday, 12 April 2010

Its All Bits And Bobs

Today has been a day of doing odds and sods.  There is currently a lot of parts not finished but can't be finished as the will be in  the way, or something else need to be done before etc.etc.

So today this what I have done.

1. Finished plumbing in the Morco.  I could had done it the easy way and had all the pipes vertical and through the work top but I wanted all the pipework hidden which meant bringing it through a hole from inside the wardrobe.  The cold in was easy as this already had a 90 elbow, the hot came with a straight.  To get a 90 elbow I had to cobble together bits of an odd size that the heater came with.  It is 13mm OD and I had no fittings so in the end I swaged some pipe and made joints that way.  The gas was a bit tricky but with the use of elbows this was eventually achieved.

2. The heater I am using is a Carver flued through the floor.  I have put a small fan in the bottom of the cupboard to give some boost as require.

3.  Wired up and tested the shower room fan.
4.  Wired up and tested the shower room lights.
5.  Wired up the toilet but not tested.
6.  Ran the main power cable and earth for the living quarters power supply.

All the domestic wiring will be served from a switched fuse panel in a service cavity wall which is a wall part of the shower room.  I was concerned about designing the wiring, but in reality it has designed its self with just a little forethought as to where power will be needed. All the wires are tagged.

7.  Cut the hole for the water filler.
8.  Made the door panel for the toilet cassette.

9.  Final fixed the cupboard near the heater which houses the fan.

So a lot of jobs done bringing it all a bit closer to completion.  It was good to power up some lights and fan.  It feels a bit like its coming to life.