Tuesday, 8 June 2010

It's Been A Day Of Shiny Deliveries.

While I was away last week I caught up on some ordering.

So today the deliverys were shiny.

The Euroliner stainless steel wheel trims arrived as did the 6 mushroom vents I have ordered for the boat project.

Excitedly I got on with fitting the wheel trims.  The vents will be in a week or 2.



IMO the price of these are eyewateringly OTT but they do look good.  I also fitted some valve extenders to the inner wheels.

I also fitted a new Radio ariel today. Of course the cable was too short so I needed to patch a 1m bit in.  I also ran the cable for the rear speakers whle the head lining was out.

I cleaned the head lining before the winter, but somehow the roof leaked, I suspect it was snow being driven in the vent on the roof.  This will be done away with shortly.  So I need to clean the headlining again.

Finally today I refitted the Morco water heater.  When I fitted it I used the surrounding square edges to line it up.  While this was geometrically right, it didn't look right and it was annoying me. So a small amount of "by eye" adjustment was done.  I have also put some extra screws in it to try and stop it rattling when on the move.