Thursday, 17 September 2009

Ambulance Hunt

The first stop of course was ebay. I had done my research and decided I wanted either a 412 Sprinter or a LT46 VW. Apparently these are supposed to go on forever (lets hope so) but are a bit dearer as a result.

I arranged to view and test drive a couple with ebayers, but in discussion with both they revealed their reserve and in both cases I felt these were unrealistic which was indeed born out by one not selling, and the other having a very strange set of late bids that weren't snipes. The latter I wouldn't be surprised to be re-listed.

Then I came across an auction company with an LT46 with low mileage, well low for an ambulance 140,000 miles, but of course these are maintained regardless of expense.

I arranged to bid on the phone, something I'd never done before and was a little exciting I have to admit.

On the fall of the hammer I became the owner of..........

Now I need a train ticket.

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