Thursday, 24 September 2009

MOT Work & Caravan Hunt

While the 46 is at the garage having new ball joints and other front roll bar related rubber related bits replace I got on with sorting out some minor fails on the rear light wiring as they weren't that keen on messing with an "ambulance" electrics. 

I now need to find a doner caravan.  This is proving a bit more difficult that I thought it would be.  I have scoured all the normal places, and a few specialists that either break or sell complete damaged caravans. I honestly thought there would be a plentiful supply of them.  Not so.

The reason I want a caravan is basically I'm rubbish at woodwork.  Plus in a caravan there will be a whole host of systems that can be adapted like heating and ventilation, gas fires and water heaters, power chargers and management, kitchens, shower rooms, windows, as well as the soft and hard furniture and water systems.

So the hunt is well an truly on, and I suspect is going to be harder than I initially thought.