Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Cab Done

Another delivery of lining carpet meant I could finish the cab area today.  I needed to cover the drivers seat box, and make and cover some lids for both boxes.

Still enamored with my new upholstery skills I set about the head lining and handbrake cover.

Next came the walnut dash. 

What a difference!

I am considering getting the glove box and N/S air vent kit as well as this looks so good.

Finally today I put the carpet down I got whipped yesterday.


  1. Kev,

    It's looking real good. Did you have any real challenges with things like the headlining? I assume the carpet is stretchy. My headlining has a big hole cut out of it, so I need to patch it and then recover.


  2. Hi Craig

    Doing the head lining was easy. I think you would need to do a fairly good repair before trying to cover it. The carpet will mask a bit but I doubt it would hide a poor repaaire.

    Trick I have found is to work in small arears from the center out. Glue a bit, stick it down glue a bit etc.