Sunday, 20 June 2010

Been For A Short Trip Today

Been on a short test run today.  We took the dogs to a show and ended up entering a few classes.  Having never done one before we were well pleased to get 2 2nd and 1 3rd rosette.

The point of the trip today was to see how the dogs were in the MH and also to see if the magnetic catches would hold.   I am pleased to say dogs and doors held up fine.

Before we went out I was able to put 2 new locks on the battery tray locker  and put the Euroliner hub cap and extended valve on the R/O/S wheel.
First outing photo


  1. A really nice looking motorhome Kev, nice to see all your hard work has paid off.
    All the best Marshall, P.S I willing to make a straight swop if you want, LOL

  2. Errrr, No :-)

    Thanks. I am pleased with it. All being well I should finish next week. Wife has already started buying stuff for it.

  3. Hi Ken, not sure if my previous post worked, so here goes again. You have done a fantastic job on your conversion - congratulations.
    I have a couple of questions: Who did the back of your van and how much did it cost ? We have a similar vehicle and we have retained the top cupboards to give it a retro look. Do you by any chance still have any of yours ? if not do you still have any of the aluminium trim - we could do with some more ?

  4. I kept nothing one the conversion was done. Send me your email, I won't publish it and I will teel you about the cost of the back.